The Power of 100

100 Women Who Care of the Northeast is a group which brings women together 4 times per year for a one hour meeting to learn about and select a local charity who will receive a substantial donation from the group. Each member's $100 donation results in a larger collective donation that makes a tremendous difference in our local community!

The simplicity, efficiency and powerful impact are what makes this collective philanthropy so effective. It also offers opportunities to learn about local not-for-profit organizations that may spark ones own interests and volunteer spirit.

All of the leaders and members of 100 Women Who Care Northeast chapter are volunteers. 100 women who care does not keep any of the money collected. When 100% of your donation goes directly to the selected charity.

Come meet other caring women in your community and be a part of this collective philanthropic movement that changes lives!

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And We're Off!!

On February 5th the 100 Women who care of the northeast  kicked off their first meeting!  It was an enthusiastic group of women eager to learn more about the group and excited to begin this collective giving journey!

Gateway House of Peace:  a  Residential home available to terminally ill patients to provide compassionate... read more

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Quarterly Meeting - 5:30pm

Quarterly Meeting - 5:30pm

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