The Nomination Process

The nomination process is simple. Email your name and the name of the charity you wish to nominate to All nominations must be received no later than the Monday prior to each quarterly meeting. Any nominations received after that time will not be eligible for selection for that week’s meeting. A nomination form (link to this form here) must be completed prior to the meeting. This can be emailed to prior to the meeting, or submitted in person at the time of check-in just prior to the meeting.

When you arrive at the quarterly meeting, check in with member posted at the member sign-in table. Your nomination form will be collected at that time if it was not sent electronically prior to the meeting. Please be sure to keep a copy of your nomination form for your own reference should your name be chosen for the vote that evening. Your name and the name of your organization will then be placed in the basket from which 3 random nominations will be drawn during the meeting. Presentations must be made by the person who submitted the nomination. No substitutes please!

Nominations do not carry over to subsequent meetings. If your charity was not chosen for consideration, please try again the next time! A new nomination form is required prior to every meeting. Remember, you must be a 100WWC member to put your name in the basket, and vote for, or speak about a charity!

Download PDF Nomination Form


Online Charity Nomination Form

Nominated organizations must have 501(c)(3) tax deductible status. There may not be a political or religious component to the organization and any national non-profit must have an active local component.

Donations are expressly for charities in the Warren, Saratoga & Washington Counties.

Complete this form or submit in person at our quarterly Wednesday meeting.

Nominations are due by the Friday prior to the Wednesday meeting.

*Name of organization (make checks payable to):
*Mailing Address:

*EIN/Tax ID #:
*Contact Name/Title:


*Describe the services the organization provides to the residents of Warren, Saratoga or Washington Counties:

This organization is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity [This is required for consideration]:

*What is the approximate annual budget?:

*Sources of Income:
*Approximately what percentage of income goes to administrative costs vs direct services?:

*Describe how the funds received will be used:
*Name of Nominating Member: