Presentation Tips & Guidelines

A nomination form must be completed prior to your presentation of your chosen charity at the quarterly meeting. Be sure to keep a copy of the nomination form, as this will serve as a useful outline during your presentation if your charity is drawn from the basket.

Remember, you have just 5 minutes to talk about your charity and the how the money will be used if they are chosen to receive the donation by the 100WWC-NE. No posters, photos or power points may be used. Your presentation will be timed and a bell will ring when the 5 minutes is up. This is immediately followed by an additional 5 minutes for 100WWC-NE members to ask questions about the charity and intended use of the money. A representative from the nominated charity may attend the meeting as a visitor and is only allowed to answer any questions you may be unable to answer during the 5 minutes of Q & A.   


Practice your speech. You need to be able to quickly describe the work your organization does in under 1 minute. Write down what the organization does, how they do it, and who is affected. Practice delivering your message as clearly and concisely as possible. If there isn’t clarity, it is possible to overwhelm or confuse the voting members who are learning about your charity for the first time.


Think of a way to tie in a personal story of who is impacted by the work your organization does so that members can clearly understand what the organization does and then connect to that work. As you prepare for your presentation, write down WHY you are involved. Think of why this matters to you and the positive impact your charity has had in the time that you have been involved with them. Practice this short story and get it under 1 minute!


How will the money be used? Members want to make an informed, wise choice about where they donate their money. Provide a clear description of what the funds will be supporting. Taking the time to find out how the money will be used pays off in the long run and will give you the confidence to stand up and make your pitch to the group.

Talking points to consider in your presentation: