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Presentation to The Adirondack Welcome Circle

Posted: 8/31/2022

Presentation to The Adirondack Welcome Circle

100WWCNE Chapter met with several members of The Adirondack Welcome Circle at the Crandall Library bandstand in Glens Falls on 8/30/22. 100WWC members presented the Welcome Circle with our collective donation of the $6,825!

The Welcome Circle has been busy assisting a family of 3 Ukrainian women resettle in Glens Falls. Given the circumstances, the needs of these women are many, and the generous members of the Welcome Circle have done a tremendous job helping these women transition to our local community. Thank you to the Welcome Circle for all that you do, and to the wonderful women of 100WWC who continue to support the cause!

Our next meeting will be held on 11/2/22 at 5:30pm at the FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF GLENS FALLS! Additional details to follow!

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