How it Works

***100WWC-NE meets quarterly on the first Wednesday of February, May, August, and November. Meetings are now being held in a hybrid format; via Zoom and in person alternating between our Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls locations. The Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church is located at 175 5th Ave. Saratoga Springs, New York. The Glens Falls First Presbyterian Church is located at 8 West Notre Dame Street.

***You will be asked to complete a commitment form to become a member either in-person when you attend your first meeting or online through the website link.  As a member, you agree to donate $100 at each quarterly meeting; $400 annually. Only members in good standing will be able to nominate local charities and participate in voting.

***Charitable nonprofit organizations are nominated by members of 100 WWC-NE by the Friday prior to the Wednesday meeting date. Organizations located in Saratoga, Warren, and Washington counties with 501c(3) nonprofit tax exempt status are eligible. The organizations nominated may not be a political or religious entity, however donations may be made to support nonpartisan/nonreligious programs provided through these organizations.

***At the quarterly meeting, the names of all eligible nominations  (made that Friday prior to the meeting) will be placed in a basket.  Three nominations are randomly drawn from the basket and each member whose charity has been drawn will have the opportunity to briefly present the organization to the group and answer any questions members may have. After the presentations are complete, members will complete their ballots. The ballots are then collected and counted. The organization with the most votes wins.

***Each member then writes a check or makes their electronic donation (if available) for $100 directly to the chosen organization.  Once all of the checks and donations have been collected from 100WWC-NE members, they are presented to the chosen organization which all members are invited to attend.